Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Campgrounds and RV Parks

100% Committed to Serving Our Clients

The Campground Connection is a unique company with a unique philosophy, understanding our clients’ varied needs and providing them with exceptional service. We love everything about our clients, from the excitement of that first thought about owning or selling a campground to the overall journey of the closing process and exchanging the keys to their futures. We listen. We get things done. More than anything else, we will stop at nothing to deliver a world-class experience to every client, every day. Our clients appreciate this level of service and dedication, and they seem to love us in return. Here are a few of their testimonials.

The work of The Campground Connection was indispensable to us in our efforts to find a qualified buyer.

“From the very beginning of our relationship with Dick and Marilyn DeWard, they presented their company as being large enough to be a serious player in the field, but small enough to provide a level of personalized service. They were professional in every aspect of bringing us a buyer. Their staff was keenly aware of our privacy and vetted any potential buyers for financial ability and confidentiality so that we wouldn’t be entertaining any “tire kickers”, just real buyers. As our closing and transfer became close, Marilyn walked me through each step, oftentimes they were “after hours” sessions. She was always cheerful, optimistic, and professional … crazy good! The work of The Campground Connection was indispensable to us in our efforts to find a qualified buyer, proceed through the contract phase, closing, and post-closing. I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this process without their help! Don’t hesitate to use their services! ” – Satisfied Sellers, Brian and Janice Smith, Owensboro, KY, April 2021

Marilyn has been SO awesome to work with.

“Marilyn has been SO awesome to work with. She communicates VERY well and responds quickly to emails and phone calls. I couldn’t have found anyone as knowledgeable as her to navigate us through this process and for that we are very fortunate. She has been extremely informative and has gone above and beyond what I ever imagined. Thanks to Marilyn and her wealth of information in the campground industry, we will be better prepared owners.” – Happy New Owners, Jennifer and Blanca, Twin Bears Campground, Michigan, March 2021

You are a 5-Star business.

“Thank you, thank you! We so appreciate everything you helped us with! You are a 5-Star business and we would highly recommend anyone to you. Many 6 foot hugs to you!” – Dave and Kelly, Happy New Owners of Ivan’s Campground, Michigan, February 2021

You were always available when we needed something and you always had time for us.

“We were very satisfied with the service provided to us; it’s too bad the bank and appraiser didn’t know as much about the industry as you guys do. You were always available when we needed something and you always had time for us. You have a great deal of experience and knowledge and you are direct in your communications. We would recommend you to other owners who want to sell.” – Barb and Bill Mirch, Satisfied Sellers in NY, January 2021

We had a phenomenal first year.

“Just wanted to touch base and let you know that we had a phenomenal first year. We more than doubled the profits than the old owners did in their last 3 years. I want to thank you again for all you did for us! We are truly living the dream!” – Eric and Sandy, First Year as New Owners, Seneca Falls, NY, January 2021

Your expert knowledge of the industry and professionalism was appreciated.

“We were very happy with The Campground Connections’ advice and support throughout the long 4-year process. The monthly updates from Dick were especially appreciated, as we waited … and waited … for interested buyers to come along. Your expert knowledge of the industry and professionalism was appreciated. Once we were underway, the frequent communication kept us well informed of the progress and ready for the next step(s).” – Ben and Janet Bristol, Happy Sellers in Pennsylvania, December 2020

There was always a sense of care.

“Every step of the way, Marilyn would follow up to make sure we were on the right track. This helped us as new business owners navigate this new and exciting adventure! There was always a sense of care that made me feel at ease. The amount of knowledge that she has about campgrounds and real estate is impressive. There was never a question she didn’t know the answer to or how to find the answer! And if she said she was going to get something for you, she always followed through! I feel like we acquired a true friendship with Marilyn. I will miss talking to her multiple times a week. I felt like we had a bond/connection from the start. I will always cherish the relationship that was built!” – Ellen and Nick Oppenheim, Super Happy New Owners in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, December 2020

Very knowledgeable and professional.

“Dick and Marilyn were never too busy to visit and answer any questions I had, they were very knowledgeable and professional. Their knowledge was very useful regarding the value of the campground as well as the vetting of the buyers. Controlling the purchase agreement as well as the closing process was very good. I would recommend them to other sellers contemplating the sale of their campground.” – Darwin Rabenberg, Past KOA Owner in MT, December 2020

Marilyn provided invaluable assistance.

“Marilyn provided invaluable assistance to both buyer and seller as we went through the process, helping us overcome challenges with lenders, attorneys, and accountants. The professional conduct and knowledge were outstanding and a win-win solution since The Campground Connection acted as a facilitator for both sides. We are considering The Campground Connection for our next park purchase as well.” – New Owners in NC, November 2020

We relied on your expertise to guide us!

“From the interview to closing, we relied on your expertise to guide us and send vetted prospects to us. You were very professional and knowledgeable, kept us updated, and responded quickly to our questions. You got us asking price on our campground! The straightforward nature of our communication was paramount to a solid working relationship, and the attention to detail and follow-through were appreciated.” – Connie and Sandy, Happy, Happy Sellers in NC, November 2020

Your professionalism was great, but you were also very personable - ALL 3 of you!

“Dick's update letters were always full of information and very encouraging. Your knowledge and confidence were reassuring. You eased my mind considerably. Someone either always answered the phone or called back within a reasonable time period. We had listed with another company and in that 12 months, the only time we heard from them was if I called them fishing for info. We would never work with that group again. You were there for us, no matter how ridiculous my questions were and that is so much appreciated.” – Beth and Larry Muschinski, Satisfied sellers in MS, November 2020

Absolutely you earned a 5-star review! More like 10 stars!

“Thank you again for all the assistance. This was a great experience. Professional, concise, knowledgeable, efficient, and a pleasure to talk to. This transaction was perfect, we could not have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable individual than Marilyn DeWard, always there if we needed her but never pushy. There were no surprises and everything was in order. We will recommend The Campground Connection to anyone in the market.” – John and Melissa Wheeler, Second campground purchase in Indiana, October 2020

Thanks to Marilyn, Brad and Dick! What a great team!

“The whole team at The Campground Connection were a huge support and were with us every step of the way. Brad was fantastic fielding our many calls and abundance of questions over the years while looking for that perfect Campground that checked all the boxes. He was always very helpful, knowledgeable and quick to respond. When we were under contract Marilyn made sure everything was moving along and pushed on all fronts to get things done. The communication was frequent and very helpful. They were professional and knowledgeable. You could tell they have been in the business for a long time and we appreciated all of the guidance and support provided to us. 5-star service!” – Ashley and James and Aurora Szymanski, New owners in NY, September 2020

Dick and Marilyn make a great team!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We were impressed and liked you the first time we met. Thank you for your patience with us! The way you run and manage your business saved us a lot of time and heartache; you are awesome! As you said, nothing goes completely smooth, but we got over that “bump in the road” very quickly and you were there with us the whole time. The buyers were great for us and for our park family. We have become close friends, right from the start. Keep up the great work!” – Rod and Candy Murphy, Happy sellers in KY, September 2020

A Zealous and Truthful Advocate

“I have worked with Marilyn DeWard, The Campground Connection, on multiple transactions, representing both purchasers and sellers in my capacity as a real estate attorney. Without question, I have found Marilyn to be truthful and sincere. She goes above and beyond what I would expect from a marketing professional to make sure the client understands the nuances of the transaction at every juncture. If there is a “challenge” in the process, Marilyn is armed with creative solutions. I know without a doubt that when I work with Marilyn, she will be a zealous (but truthful!) advocate.” – Victoria Collins, Esq.

Jonny On The Spot

“We felt like we were flying blind and received excellent guidance and recommendations from The Campground Connection. Your professional conduct and knowledge are beyond reproach. You guys take a personal approach. You all are warm and welcoming, and you always take time to answer questions and even have a conversation. You were "Jonny on the spot" in returning phone calls or answering emails. You always kept our anxiety at bay. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Don't try to fix what isn't broken.” – Tony and Penny, New owners in NY, January 2020

You guys have been the BEST

“Your professional conduct and knowledge were excellent all the way to the signing. Not an easy process when dealing with the emotional stuff of letting go. Your follow-up during the process was excellent, you made sure everything was good and complete. You understood our needs. Keep being you guys Thank YOU!” – Phil and Jasmin, CA

Nothing Better Than Good People

“How does one thank you for all the things you do? I don’t know what we would have done if it hadn’t been for you. There’s nothing better than good people. They can change your whole day and sometimes you’re lucky enough to meet those that can change your whole life. Thank you for being a part of the journey that has changed our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything you have given us. We are truly thankful.” – Alan & Lisa, Pennsylvania

Truly Our Campground Angel

“Over a year ago my husband and I were fulltime on the road living in our RV. We loved our life. However, we were not yet old enough to completely retire. We needed to find something to do to bring in some extra money. We loved the lifestyle and did not want to go back to a nine to five job. So, we thought to ourselves, why not buy a campground? We went on the internet and behold, there was The Campground Connection. Their website was full of all the info we needed to start on our journey. After we found a few that we were interested in, we gave them a call. We had a few hurdles to jump through on the way. Our dream was hinged on selling our house in Texas. The fact that we still had a house to sell did not keep them from helping us every step of the way. They never lost faith in our dream. Our house finally sold, and we bought our campground in South Dakota. They listened to what we wanted, and they sure did deliver. They not only helped with finding us a campground, but they also helped with their knowledge of the industry. They were always a phone call away, and the best part is, they still are. They are truly our campground angel. I can call them even now when I need Ideas or need help with anything. I recommend anyone that might be considering purchasing a campground, or maybe just have some questions about the industry to call them. It can be a scary process. It’s not easy to go out on a limb and take a chance. The best part about The Campground Connection is that you are not out on that limb alone. Thanks to The Campground Connection for everything.” – Rob & Polly Blanch, South Dakota

A Smooth Transaction for All Parties

“Although many states between us we were amazed at how it seemed as though you were right here beside us the whole time. Every issue that came up and all of our questions were addressed before the sale closing which lead to a smooth transaction for all parties. Your conduct during our initial visit exuded the professionalism which is expected when someone is selling and your ability to speak in simple terms that was easy to understand made it clear you knew what the heck you were doing when helping us.” – Ray Coker, Pennsylvania

Only Qualified Buyers Were Allowed to Visit the Campground

“Our relationship with the Campground Connection proved to be successful and pleasant. I recommend them to any owner that is looking to sell a campground. The vetting process conducted by them ensured only qualified buyers were allowed to visit the campground which saved us a lot of unnecessary visits by lookey-loos. Marilyn and Dick were great to work with. They handled the purchase and later the sale of our campground.” – Donna Bridges, Arkansas

We Came Back a Second Time

“You could not improve one single thing, which is why we came back to you a second time.” – Rick & Pam Tilley, Ohio

Very Straightforward and Down to Earth

“We were totally satisfied and found you professional and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with you! Great communication. Easy to reach. Very straight forward and down to earth, and we really appreciated the communications even when nothing was going on. We felt like you were actually trying to sell this business, not just listing it.” – Carole & Jerry Hammonds, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Very Positive, Professional, Knowledgeable, Sympathetic and Fun

“We are very pleased with the whole selling process with you. The monthly updates really did help us to get through the waiting process until a buyer was found. You were very supportive and encouraging and you were great to work with. Very positive, professional, knowledgeable, sympathetic and fun! We feel fortunate to gain you as our friends and thank you for being there for us!” – Van & Cyndi McQuigg, Colorado

We Have Nothing But Praise

“Your professionalism and knowledge are second to none. My only regret is that we didn’t find you five years ago. You kept us up to date regularly during the process and treated us with respect making us feel as though we were old friends. We have nothing but praise for you.” – Randy & Linda Robertson, West Virginia

Extensive History with Campground Sales

“Everyone in your office was very professional as you consistently remained fair and respectfully communicative. Your extensive history with campground sales was a big advantage during this process, and a comfort to us.” – Lars & Tamara Karlsson, Colorado

Professional, Personal, and Perfect Through the Whole Process

“Thank you for being so real and so good at what you do. I was not the easiest client you have had but you were professional, personal, and perfect through the whole process. Thank you so very much.” – Lisa & Mitch, Montana

Calmed Our Nerves When We Needed It

“We cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You calmed our nerves when we needed it, and took control of every detail. You are amazing! A big thank you for making this happen.” – Andrea, Kentucky

The Follow Up During the Entire Process Was Excellent

“Your consultation was valuable on how to deal with negotiations, including multiple revisions to the Asset Purchase Agreement, and communicating with the buyer and my attorney when needed. The follow up during the entire process was excellent.” – Louis Wayne & Helen Rose, Iowa

Listing to Closing Took Under 10 Months

“We rate your professional conduct and knowledge as exceptional. We appreciated your very personal service, ease of contact anytime with questions answered quickly and contract documents handled efficiently. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of our business sale. We were able to obtain top-dollar for the sale. Listing to closing took under 10 months, thanks to the guidance and assistance of The Campground Connection.” – John & Jesslyn Senecal, Indiana

Personal and Professional Attention

“Your knowledge of the industry and the personal and professional attention we were given was very much appreciated.” – Dave Sturman, Montana

A Lot of Knowledge in the Process of Selling Campgrounds

“We would definitely give you a five-star rating. We saw you as a problem solver with a lot of knowledge in the process of selling campgrounds. We were very happy with the closing process and would be happy to talk with potential clients and recommend your service. You had a very good sense of the type of campground we were looking for and steered us in the direction of the ones you thought would be a good fit for us.” – Pat & Dee Biwer, Ohio

Appreciated Honesty

“We found your professional conduct and knowledge excellent and we felt like we were working with a good friend. Appreciated your honesty.” – Mike & Deb McCarthy, Arkansas

Spot On and Very Prompt with Answers to Any Question

“We were very satisfied with your guidance and assistance throughout the entire purchasing process and could not have asked for any better communication and timeliness. You were spot on and very prompt with answers to any question or whatever we may have needed.” – Rob & Vickie Lewis, Michigan

Conduct and Knowledge Were Impeccable

“Your service exceeded our expectations. Your conduct and knowledge were impeccable. What I liked most was the communication and immediate response to any question or concern. Keep up the good work!” – Michael Castelli, New Mexico

Knowledge Was Outstanding

“We loved the no pressure, but very informative help we received for the more than one-year timeframe we were looking. Our questions were always answered – even the repetitive ones. Your knowledge was outstanding.” – David & Jennifer Louzon, Michigan