Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Campgrounds and RV Parks

Buyer Contact Form

The information you provide is used to assist us in determining your financial capability to purchase as well as to inform us on your areas of interest. This information is required prior to releasing confidential information on campgrounds and RV parks.

The owners have entrusted us to handle all aspects of the sale, from the initial inquiry and qualifying to the visit and beyond. All inquiries and scheduling visits to the property are to be made only through The Campground Connection. Please do not contact the park owners directly.

You understand that confidentiality is a very serious commitment as the business may be harmed if confidentiality is violated, and the person who breaches the confidentiality commitment may be liable for damages.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. All information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence. We do not sell or otherwise share any of this information.

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Buyer Contact Form
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Buyer Understanding / Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement

Did you know that The Campground Connection honors the owners’ request and makes commitments to them to keep the sale confidential?

In order for us to keep these commitments, we must require each of you to maintain confidentiality. This means that you agree not to do anything that would let anyone know that a particular business is for sale.

You understand that confidentiality is critical and further agree that:

  • You understand the average required amount needed for a down payment is 25%-30%.
  • You are currently cash ready/liquid to purchase.
  • You will provide Proof of Funds prior to receiving information on parks for sale. Proof of funds can be emailed to POFs should consist of a snapshot of your bank account(s) where your funds are held. Please remove your account numbers prior to emailing.
  • You will not contact the park owners directly via e-mail, telecommunication or text.
  • You will contact The Campground Connection to schedule a tour/visit to the business.
  • You will not visit any campground / RV park marketed through The Campground Connection unannounced and will only visit when you have an appointment approved by the owner through The Campground Connection.
  • If you have a financial backer, you will provide a written commitment from them and proof of funds prior to receiving any proprietary information.
  • You will not contact any employees, suppliers, local or governmental officials, or customers without prior authorization from the owner.
  • You will honor the effort to keep the sale low key and confidential.
  • You will only share proprietary information with your attorney and accountant in evaluating your possible purchase of the business. You will inform these professional advisers that they too must maintain the confidentiality of the information.
  • You agree that you will not duplicate, photocopy or otherwise reproduce the information in whole or in part or otherwise use or permit to be used in any fashion the information in a manner detrimental to the business or the interests of the owner.
  • You will not circumvent The Campground Connection, or enter into a transaction with any campground / RV park presented to you through the efforts of The Campground Connection, for a period of 18 months after such information was provided.
  • You understand that this is a very serious commitment as the business may be harmed if confidentiality is violated, and the person who breaches the confidentiality commitment may be liable for damages.
  • You understand that in order to maintain confidentiality all communications must be strictly between you, the potential purchaser and The Campground Connection.

Upon your execution of this agreement and receipt of your POFs, we will deliver to you proprietary information on the business. The information is intended solely for the limited use by you, the potential buyer. The proprietary information will contain brief, selected information pertaining to the business affairs and does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all of the information you may desire or require. You agree that no representation of any kind whatsoever is assumed and that the owner and The Campground Connection assume no liability for any inaccuracies.

Privacy Statement: Confidentiality and privacy are important to us. We do not sell or otherwise share any of this information with any third-party companies. Supplying your e-mail address to The Campground Connection gives us permission to communicate with you via e-mail.

Anything Else to Add?
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