Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Campgrounds and RV Parks

Buyer Contact Form

The information you provide is used to assist us in determining your financial capability to purchase as well as to inform us on your areas of interest. This information is required prior to releasing confidential information on campgrounds and RV parks.

The owners have entrusted us to handle all aspects of the sale, from the initial inquiry and qualifying to the visit and beyond. All inquiries and scheduling visits to the property are to be made only through The Campground Connection. Please do not contact the park owners directly.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. All information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence. We do not sell or otherwise share any of this information.

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Contact Details
More About You
About Your Spouse or Partner
Purchase Interest
Needs versus Wants

It’s critical that you decide what you’d like versus what you must have. If you don’t, it will make the search process frustrating and challenging to accomplish.

Those who try to get everything may end up getting nothing. Dividing your needs and wants will force you to find out what is truly most important. Doing this will allow you to start your search based on your highest priorities and save you endless time and frustration.

Be careful, wants will try to sneak into your needs list!

If you are having trouble finding what you’re looking for, you really have only two choices: pay more, or reduce the number of “wants” so you can get a campground that fills your “needs”.

Tell us what type of park you are looking for and what it must have or should not have. This could include a pool, river, lake, high seasonal guest base, interstate park, secluded park, home (along with number of bedrooms needed for children or in-laws), camp stores, restaurants, golf courses, expandable acreage, etc. The more information you provide, the better we can match you with the perfect park.

Purchasing Power
You will need at least $125,000 in readily available cash to proceed or its availability within 90 days.
Remember, you will need working capital and/or a cash reserve.
Please include securities, stocks, and other assets which can be readily and easily converted to cash.
This amount is liquid cash plus the equity in your home, equaling your total
cash available after the sale of your home, business, or other real estate.
Buyer Understanding / Non-Disclosure Agreement

You understand that confidentiality is critical and further agree that:

  • You understand the average required amount needed for a down payment is 25%-30%.
  • You are currently cash ready/liquid to purchase or can be within 90 days.
  • You will not contact the park owners directly via e-mail, telecommunication or text.
  • You will contact The Campground Connection to schedule a tour/visit to the business.
  • You will not visit any campground / RV park unannounced.
  • If you have a financial backer, you will provide a written commitment from them prior to receiving any proprietary information.
  • You will not contact any employees, suppliers, local or governmental officials, or customers without prior authorization from the owner.
  • You will honor the effort to keep the sale low key and confidential.
  • You agree that you will not duplicate, photocopy or otherwise reproduce the information in whole or in part or otherwise use or permit to be used in any fashion the information in a manner detrimental to the business or the interests of the owner.
  • You will not circumvent The Campground Connection, or enter into a transaction with any campground / RV park presented to you through the efforts of The Campground Connection, for a period of 18 months after such information was provided.

Upon your execution of this agreement, we will deliver to you proprietary information on the business. The information is intended solely for the limited use by you, the potential buyer. The proprietary information will contain brief, selected information pertaining to the business affairs and does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all of the information you may desire or require. You agree that no representation of any kind whatsoever is assumed and that the owner and The Campground Connection assume no liability for any inaccuracies.

Privacy Statement: Confidentiality and privacy are important to us. We do not sell or otherwise share any of this information with any third party companies. Supplying your e-mail address to The Campground Connection gives us permission to communicate with you via e-mail.

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